If you want to be a millionaire, it’s better to be a software engineer than a pro athlete

Food for thought…”once you’re out in the workforce, the average career span is 40 years with an average annual salary at $125,418. The lifetime earnings potential adds up to $5,016,723, better than both the typical pro NFL player and typical pro MLB athlete.”

See the story from Business Insider here: http://www.businessinsider.com/better-to-be-a-software-engineer-than-a-pro-athlete-2017-1

Fat check or Job Satisfaction?

A study from Princeton, concluded that there was a positive correlation to happiness and enjoyment as income increased. BUT beyond $75,000 a year there were no additional benefits to higher income.

“Many people want to make a lot of money, but the benefits of having a high income are ambiguous,” said Professor Kahneman, who is also a Nobel laureate in economics. When you are wealthy you are able to buy more pleasures, he said, but a recent study suggests that wealthier people “seem to be less able to savor the small things in life.”

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