Jobs in Salt Lake City on the Rise

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of jobs in the Salt Lake City metro increased by 23,700 during 2016, up 3.4 percent.

That rate was tied for no. 2 among the nation’s 51 metropolitan areas that have at least 1 million residents. Others tied with Salt Lake City were San Jose and Seattle. Orlando topped the list, up by 4.2 percent.

1-Day Hiring” Program to Avoid Losing In-Demand Candidates

The average time to fill an average job in the United States is 25 days; unfortunately, in many cases top candidates are no longer available after 10 days.   Read John Sullivan’s plan for beating your competition to those high demand candidates:

Develop a “1-Day Hiring” Program to Avoid Losing In-Demand Candidates, Part 1 of 2

New Utah DWS Trendlines released today

Trendlines is published quarterly by the Workforce Research and Analysis Division of the Utah Department of Workforce Services. It provides feature articles and a basic understanding of Utah’s Economy. Contributors include DWS economists and analysts and economists and analysts at the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. The new report can be found here:

Fat check or Job Satisfaction?

A study from Princeton, concluded that there was a positive correlation to happiness and enjoyment as income increased. BUT beyond $75,000 a year there were no additional benefits to higher income.

“Many people want to make a lot of money, but the benefits of having a high income are ambiguous,” said Professor Kahneman, who is also a Nobel laureate in economics. When you are wealthy you are able to buy more pleasures, he said, but a recent study suggests that wealthier people “seem to be less able to savor the small things in life.”

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