Hot market for IT professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah

New clients often ask me why recruiting great people in Salt Lake City is so difficult. Many have recently commented that they receive virtually no qualified candidate resumes when they advertise a job.

According to, Salt Lake City has 1 job posting for every unemployed person.  In comparison, Miami and Los Angeles have 1 posting for every 4 unemployed persons. Bottomline — we have more jobs for those that are unemployed. Candidates have more options and employers have to work harder to attract candidates for their openings.

In the technology sector the situation is even better for candidates. I would not be surprised if there were 10 technology job postings for every unemployed technologist. In a hot market, it becomes critical to tap into the candidate pool that is employed and not actively responding to job postings.

What has your recent hiring experience been like?  Slim pickings?  Surprisingly easy?  Whether your experience in hiring has been the same or different — we would love to hear about it.

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