Time to pay back employees?

During the darkest hours of the recession, many employees were thankful just to be working.  Even if you were working for the wrong company, boss or job role many employees stuck it out and minimized risk by not taking on a job hunt. A job was a great thing to have, even if it wasn’t the perfect job.

I’m curious if those companies that have weathered the storm — in some cases by cutting pay, freezing cost of living increases, reducing benefits and increasing workload expectations — will begin to reward those employees that have sacrificed for their employer over the last few years.   My guess is some won’t and they will wonder why their once loyal employees are leaving in droves.

From what I’ve seen, the days of clinging to a tenuous job are over.  Throughout 2011, Salt Lake and Wasatch Front employers have begun to hire again, translating to an increase in opportunities for job seekers.  As this trend continues, you can be sure your employees will be testing the waters in 2012 and researching other employers and employment opportunities.

With the high cost of employee turnover, hopefully most companies will proactively take care of their people in whatever way they can.   Those employers that think they are operating in a new status quo where employees are fearful and employers hold the cards may be in store for a rude awakening.


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